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On the CD «Your Life, Your Future», Lian takes you through the material in a simple and efficient manner. Maybe you have a problem or you have goals you aspire to reach in life related to work, your health, your family or your job. With Lian’s coaching CD you can get started at your own pace and let it be the start of a new and better life.

Lian Kirksaether is a certified DNCF Coach and Healthcoach. Her work focuses on the powers of the human thought, motivation and good health with special focus on the topic «high sensitivity». Throughout her career, Lian has worked in collaboration with the Norwegian Unemployement Agency (NAV Arbeid) as well as a teacher and leader. She has authored a number of trade articles and has co-authored the book «Sensitiv og Sterk» which has become a best seller in Norway. Furthermore, Lian is a popular presenter at various courses and seminars in Norway and across Europe.

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