Lian Kirksaether work internationally with women. Especially women who need more balance in life, to find their inner strength whether it is in work-life, family, health or a combination of it all.

Her work focuses on the powers of the human thought, motivation, your inner power and good health. She is specialized in the topic, HSP – highly sensitive person.

Lian is coaching via phone and Online in Norwegian and English, and she has over 20 years in experience. Throughout her career, Lian has worked in collaboration with the Norwegian Unemployment Agency (NAV Arbeid) as well as a teacher and leader. She is certified DNCF coach, ICF coach, Health Coach, Life Coach & NLP Master Therapist.

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Lian has authored a number of trade articles and has
co-authored the book «Sensitiv og Sterk» which has become a best seller in Norway. They also made the online course “Sensitiv og Sterk”.

Lian has been a part of arranging conferences about the topic highly sensitive people and working life, and she has released a Coaching CD in both Norwegian and English. Furthermore, Lian is a popular presenter at various courses and seminars in Norway and across abroad.

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